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Move San Diego: the public voice in support of effective transportation options and sustainable growth in the San Diego region.


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Engaging Elected Officials and Advocacy

In San Diego County...

San Diego FORWARD - SANDAG 2050 Regional Plan

     In the 2050 Regional Plan update Move SD is asking for the region to take a hard look at how we connect infrastructure funding, to planned smart growth centers. Who is connecting the dots? How is it done? How do we better connect putting infrastructure improvements in areas where Cities have targeted smart growth and density?

     Move SD is looking to the 18 jurisdictions in the Region to guide the way, and to help find ways to streamline where possible, and to tie funds for public improvements to areas targeted for urban infill, and increased densities. Sidewalks, streetlights, bike lanes, open space and other capital projects are all important pieces of the puzzle when we talk about growth inward. Mobility increases when people can get around without a car. Walking, biking, transit- access to these choices is hugely important when building inward if we want to relieve traffic congestion.

See our letter to SANDAG staff, and what we ask to have considered as part of the Regional work plan.

SANDAG Regional Planning Technical Working Group website for meetings and agendas.

Local and regional planning and study meetings - where community voices can be heard

Learn about and participate in the planning process by bring your perspective and transit story to planning groups like the Morena Blvd Station Planning Area.  

In California...

State Cap and Trade — Carbon emissions to fund transit

Strategic investment of carbon auction funds can further the aims of AB 32 and deliver long-term economic, environmental, and clean energy benefits. Move San Diego recommends revenues should be used to expand and improve public transportation, vanpool, car sharing, and walkable, bikeable communities.  These investments should be focused in already developed areas, especially along highly congested corridors and in low-income communities.

Sustainable Communities for All proposal letter.

Building Sustainable Communities:  A Briefing on California’s Emerging Framework for Transportation, Housing, and Environment presentation​ on the impact and opportunities created by current legislation.

View our May 2012 letter to Air Resources Board Member and San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts.

Senate Bill 375

In 2008, the Senate passed SB 375, a bill designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state of California by creating regional emission reduction levels set by the California Air Resources Board. The aim of the bill is to reduce emissions by changing land use planning under a new required element of the Regional Transportation Plan, the Sustainable Community Strategy.

By encouraging more compact development near urban and transit centers, we can reduce urban sprawl, encourage better transportation practices and reduce overall vehicle miles traveled (i.e. driving), thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more, read these documents:

San Diego and SB 375: Lessons from California’s first Sustainable Communities Strategy
By Eliot Rose, Autumn Bernstein and Stuart Cohen

On October 28th 2011, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) approved the first sustainable communities strategy (SCS) under Senate Bill 375, California’s groundbreaking regional planning law. The plan was the subject of intense scrutiny by stakeholders, state agencies and others. A new report (pdf) takes a comprehensive look at the plan and analyzes why it didn’t achieve the GHG reductions that many hoped it would. The report also provides information on the important ways in which the plan represents a departure from business as usual, and where are the opportunities for improvement.

Learn more

Comment Letter on San Diego RTP/SCS from NRDC, Move San Diego, TransForm, and Endangered Habitats League
October 24, 2011

Download the comment letter

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