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Building broad support, working to influence policy,
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Move San Diego: the public voice in support of effective transportation options and sustainable growth in the San Diego region.


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Notes from our Fearless Leaders

From the Chair

By Stephen M. Haase

Welcome to Move San Diego, your best advocate for creating a more sustainable quality of life now and for our future. Our vision is to create a convenient, on-time, healthy, sustainable transportation system throughout the San Diego region. We also advocate increasing your mobility choices by creating a safe and pleasurable environment for walking and cycling. Diversifying our transportation portfolio leverages the triple bottom line thereby benefitting the economy, the environment and equity for all citizens

San Diego is my home and I want to see it prosper for my children and all future residents. I volunteered as the Chair of the Board of Move San Diego because this organization is a visionary leader in transportation planning advocacy. The vision we see for our region’s future is not impossible, but it will require time, effort and collaboration between diverse viewpoints. Move San Diego brings together interested parties from all walks of life to dialogue for our region’s future solutions.

How does our work impact the environment? Reducing vehicle miles traveled by providing more mobility choices improves air and water quality by reducing emissions and pollutants from our roadways. Transit reduces U.S. gasoline consumption by 1.4 billion gallons per year, further reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Transportation choices promote a healthier environment and encourage a more active, healthy lifestyle.

We foresee a prosperous San Diego region where local businesses thrive through increases in transit, walking and biking. We see a San Diego where, by smart choices in land use and transportation planning, more residents can choose NOT to drive to get to work or school. Employers attract highly skilled employees valuing the quality of life associated with convenient and efficient transportation options coupled with vibrant neighborhoods, minimizing time spent commuting.

The savings in time and money are reinvested in our community in the form of physical and social capital, the foundation of a great region. Move San Diego’s Green Dividend report (link) estimates the local economy can benefit by $1.35 billion annually if drivers reduce their daily commute by just 3.2 miles. Private investment of all types in neighborhoods located near high performing transit results in increased property value compared to similar properties not located near transit. All of this leads to a higher quality of life and the pride we have for our community.

I invite you to join our merry band of transportation advocates to increase your happiness quotient and work towards a bright future for San Diego!

Stephen M. Haase


From our Executive Director

by Elyse Lowe

Stuck in traffic – again? Late to work because you missed the bus or trolley? Can’t commute by bike because it’s not safe? Hate that it’s too far to walk to work? It’s about time we tackle these challenges and find smart solutions to these problems.

To do so, Move San Diego (Move SD) is asking for your help today. Your support - $100 or more - is needed to help us make positive change in providing San Diegans with reasonable transportation alternatives.

Your donation serves a unique purpose - supporting San Diego’s only regional sustainable transportation and land use planning advocates. Move SD has one full time staff member (that’s me), two part time grant funded expert consultants, a stellar volunteer Board of Directors including the pro bono team of three land use attorneys from Sheppard Mullin Richter Hampton, as well as several interns and volunteers.

We are working to build our capacity now so that we will be more effective in our advocacy in the next year. We are determined to make a difference in regional transportation and land use planning in the next two years, as we work to make change happen. Here is how we are investing our time now and into 2010:

  • Serve until 2011 on the Regional Transportation Plan update Stakeholder Working Group, and until 2010 on the Transportation Project Evaluation Criteria Ad Hoc Working Group, Move SD provide direct input where to make strategic rapid transit investments, and push for higher performing measures for public transit investments, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GhG) emissions.
  • Build strong, diverse coalitions to help strengthen the voice for more effective transit for the San Diego region.
  • Follow through on our comments to the draft San Diego County General Plan Update, and continue to provide written comments on federal and state legislation related to transportation, smart growth and climate change.
  • Completion of the development of the North County FAST (Financially Achievable, Saves Time) plan in June 2010, as a follow up to the development of the Move SD FAST plan which demonstrates realistic means to building rapid transit infrastructure throughout Central and South San Diego.
  • Assemble and host advisory groups to strategize about real time solutions to transit challenges in our region.
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the costs and benefits of the FAST Plan related to the transit components of the SANDAG RTP.
  • Likely to be the only independent organization to take closer technical look at SANDAG’s Regional Travel Model to identify its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Participate in transportation planning forums to reduce GhG emissions in the San Diego region.
  • Provide education about transit opportunities and smart growth strategies designed to reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled.
  • Apply for grants and bring together partners to create an educational video on the future of Smart Transit in San Diego.
  • Identify and apply for grants to stabilize our operations, and build our build our capacity to hire part time development and program assistants.

Please give generously today by going to and using our secure online donation page (through Google Wallet) to make a donation, or join as a member. If more convenient, please make a check out to Move San Diego and mail it to us:

Move San Diego
PO Box 87588
San Diego, CA 92138

All contributions are tax deductible.

If you have any questions, give us a call at (619) 702-4266. We are pleased to talk with you more about how we can collaborate better with you to support sustainable, healthy, convenient, on-time transportation throughout the San Diego region.


Elyse Lowe
Executive Director

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