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Move San Diego: the public voice in support of effective transportation options and sustainable growth in the San Diego region.


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Encouraging Smart Growth

The MOVE AllianceMOVEAlliance-Logo

“Supporting Projects that create Mobility Options Viable for Everyone”

Move San Diego’s endorsement program recognizing and promoting development plans that meet transit-oriented and smart-growth criteria

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MOVE Alliance Endorses Mixed-Use Project for SPRINTER Santa Fe Station

Asks City for Less Parking to Benefit Future Vista Residents and Businesses

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SAN DIEGO—October 3, 2013—Today, MOVE Alliance announces its endorsement for the planned development of 81 units on Main St. in downtown Vista, Calif along the SPRINTER rail station. The endorsement, given by Move San Diego’s coalition of local experts, environmentalists and transportation advocates, is based on the project’s proximity to transit, effective parking solutions, mix of residential and retail uses and walkable opportunities.

This endorsement comes with strong recommendations to the City of Vista to approve the project and decrease parking requirements for residential communities located close to transit, currently set at more than two parking spots per unit. By decreasing parking costs for residents, individuals receive greater incentives to choose transit, walking or biking and invest in local businesses.

“New transit-oriented developments are plagued too often by a surplus of parking requirements, which robs communities of sustainable walking and transit opportunities,” said Elyse Lowe, executive director of Move San Diego. “The plans near Santa Fe Station is taking full advantage of the transit amenities in the area, including walking distance to a bus, the Vista Transit Center and a SPRINTER station.”

“G8 Development is looking forward to enhancing the Vista Village and we are pleased with MOVE Alliance’s support,” said Philip Chodur, president of G8 Development. “This endorsement recognizes that our plan is moving in the right direction to meet the City of Vista's smart-growth goals.”

In addition to walkable access to public transit, the proposed four story mixed-use complex includes street level retail and commercial space, three levels of condominiums, a courtyard for gatherings, expanded sidewalks and underground parking. Alternative parking options include nine electric car charging stations and 13 bike racks.

The MOVE Alliance is an endorsement program that recognizes and promotes smart-growth and transit-oriented development plans. The MOVE Alliance members who served on this panel are Stephen Haase, Cynthia DiSabatino, Kathy Breedlove and Elyse Lowe of Move San Diego; Jim Stone, WalkSanDiego; Kevin Wood, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition; Diego Velasco, NewSchool of Architecture and Design; Tony Pauker, City Ventures; Lisa Leweck Kettler, Leweck Engineering; and Erik Ruehr, VRPA Technologies, Inc. This is the Alliance’s fifth project based endorsement, for information on past endorsements

Public Project Acknowledgement

The first such public project the MOVE Alliance has acknowledged is Gonzalez Canyon Park in Carmel Valley, where the community has requested no new parking stalls be constructed  (expect ADA required). MOVE Alliance letter of support can be read here, and we are pleased to report this item passed the SD Park and Rec Board and is moving forward for approval.


Proposed senior living development will be transit friendly and will promote active lifestyles

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San Diego (February 21, 2013)  Move San Diego announces the latest of its MOVE Alliance endorsed projects, the senior Village at Zion, a multifamily residential project located in the center of Allied Gardens on Zion Avenue and Glenroy Street. Designed to support projects that create Mobility Options Viable for Everyone, the MOVE Alliance brings together a team of local experts from the private and non-profit sectors to review and endorse early stage development projects in the San Diego region for their commitment to transit-oriented development and smart growth principles.

The MOVE Alliance is pleased to honor the proposed senior living facility in recognition of the following planned features:

  • The development will be built on a vacant lot and is well connected to the surrounding neighborhood;
  • The development will offer higher density, multi-story units, but keep with the two story community character;
  • An MTS bus route currently operates near the property and will provide good transit access for seniors, currently five days per week;
  • The project’s well-situated accessibility to parks, retail and a public library will encourage walking and biking;
  • The development brings an affordable senior housing option that doesn’t currently exist in the Allied Gardens community.

In addition, the project features a robust Transportation Demand Management program (TDM) to benefit the project’s tenants and offset traffic impacts. The TDM program outlines plans to provide long term transit passes for the residents of Village at Zion and vanpool service for the weekends. Residents will have access to transportation information at both the management office and in the community room. The development will also offer a priority for carpool parking and include bicycle education in its community activities.

There are pedestrian improvements planned as a part of the project in the surrounding neighborhood that will make it safer for all Allied Gardens residents to walk across Waring Road, Zion and Glenroy.

The MOVE Alliance is happy to be able to support the Village at Zion as a great example of smart urban development that capitalizes on the livability of the Allied Gardens community,” says Move San Diego Executive Director Elyse Lowe. “Building density on an established bus transit corridor will help the system add riders, and implements long term community and regional sustainability. Having been raised in the neighborhood, I can attest that residents of this neighborhood have great community pride. It’s likely that many of the residents will be directly from the Allied Gardens neighborhood.

Village at Zion is a development project planned on a vacant lot by Fore Property Company. Village at Zion has earned the formal endorsement from the MOVE Alliance and in turn, receives permission to use the Alliance’s “seal of approval."

Affordable Housing Parking Policy:

Unanimous San Diego City Council decision positions the City as a smart growth leader in California

Move San Diego comments on SANDAG Notice of Preparation for the Programmatic Environmental Impact Report for the 2050 Regional Plan

We are actively advocating for and participating in a cooperative policy making process for long-term sustainability and improved integration of transportation planning.

The MOVE Alliance is pleased to announce its first project endorsements:

Park Station

Park Station

The proposed Park Station project in La Mesa is a mixed use project incorporating residential, neighborhood-serving retail, commercial, and a planned hotel. Located within a mile of the trolley stations and within walking distance of two bus routes and the village of La Mesa, the project also includes a proposed pedestrian promenade to provide safe routes to transit. Pedestrian and bike-friendly, the project features a lineal park open to the public.

Click here to read press release.

One Paseo

One-PaseoThe proposed One Paseo project in Carmel Valley brings mixed use and walkability to an area historically oriented around the automobile. While not currently served by transit, the project provides needed density to support a future planned Bus Rapid Transit route, and incorporates a Transportation Demand Management program anticipated to include shuttle service. The project has passed prerequisite review for LEED-ND certification. 

Click here to read press release.

About the MOVE Alliance

The MOVE Alliance provides formal endorsement for proposed projects that demonstrate a commitment to creating, preserving and enhancing sustainable transit-oriented communities in the San Diego region.

As part of this endorsement process, Move San Diego collaborates with a coalition of members, partner organizations and individuals with expertise in the areas of sustainable transit-oriented development in order to independently evaluate each project for MOVE Alliance endorsement.

This holistic approach provides a project with comprehensive recognition from the MOVE Alliance to encourage and support the approval of projects that display an exemplary model of sustainable, current and future transit-oriented communities. 

Benefits of MOVE Alliance Endorsement

The goal of the endorsement program is to inform regulators, public officials, citizen groups and other stakeholders of the advantages sustainable transit-oriented communities and smart growth projects bring to the region. An official MOVE Alliance endorsement will provide an active and engaging advocacy effort directly from the MOVE Alliance members to encourage the support and approval of a sustainable transit-oriented project. Projects that receive MOVE Alliance endorsement will receive:

  • A formal letter of recognition from the MOVE Alliance
  • Permission to use the MOVE Alliance’s “seal of approval” on websites or any other communications signifying recognition
  • Publicity and exposure through press releases, website recognition and recognition at Move San Diego and partner events
  • Independent testimony at public  hearings of decision-making bodies ( i.e. Planning Commission, Design Review, or City Council) by Move San Diego staff and/or MOVE Alliance members explaining the endorsement program and how  the project qualified for sustainable transit-oriented endorsement

Projects Eligible for the MOVE Alliance Endorsement

Private and public sector residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects (both new construction and rehabilitation) are eligible for consideration. Only projects that are, or shortly will be, under review for land-use approval and have not completed the entitlement process or broken ground are eligible to apply.

Process of Evaluation

Projects will be evaluated by a panel consisting of Move San Diego members and other  individuals and organizations with expertise in  sustainable transit-oriented development. The panel will consist of some or all of the following individuals and organizations:

  • Move San Diego
  • Walk San Diego
  • California Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Council of Design Professionals
  • New School of Architecture
    Local Experts
  • Transportation Expert, Arnold Torma, KOA
  • Transportation Expert, Monique Chen, Chen Ryan Mobility
  • Urban Designer, Diego Velasco, MW Steele
  • Urban Designer, Howard Blackson, Placemakers
  • Urban Developer, Sherman Harmer, Urban Housing Partners
  • Urban Developer, Tony Pauker, City Ventures
  • Urban Developer, Rich Gustafson, Citymark
  • Planner, Asha Bleier, Dudek
    Endorsement criteria to be considered
  • Location Efficiency
  • Density and Smart Growth Techniques
  • Access to High Performing Transit
  • Employment Proximity
  • Mixed Use Opportunities
  • Building Design
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure

No-Risk Application

Applicants whose projects are not granted recognition are notified of this decision in the strictest confidence. This is a no-risk process for the applicant regardless of Move San Diego’s decision.

Application Process

All potential applicants should contact Move San Diego Executive Director Elyse Lowe: ELowe at, or 619-702-4266. Project materials such as visuals, drawings, plans, specifications, digital graphics and other items will be required to convene an endorsement panel (electronic submissions preferred). The applicant will also have the opportunity to provide a brief (30 minute) presentation to the panel.

Projects are reviewed by the MOVE Alliance panel on a quarterly basis, and completed project applications with supporting documents must be received two weeks before the meeting.  We recommend contacting us well in advance of submitting your application to discuss any hearings or deadlines relevant to your project.

Application Fee

An application fee of $2,500 will be assessed for each project application. The application fee helps support the administration of the program. Application fees are non refundable.


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